Almost all aspects of the work of the Ocean Research and Conservation group have aspects which have policy applications in management and governance of human activities in the ocean. Particular areas of activity at present are related to management of fisheries, particularly in the high seas, management of Antarctic and deep-sea ecosystems and the conservation of both tropical and cold-water coral ecosystems. We regularly attend international meetings related to ocean policy and have advised on a range of conservation issues to governments, the international governmental community and non-governmental organisations. AD Rogers is also Scientific Director of the NGO the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) a project aimed at looking at human impacts on the oceans in a holistic way and developing new approaches and solutions to solving these issues. This initiative played a role in recently attracting the Global Ocean Commission (GOC) to Somerville college, University of Oxford. The GOC is a commission formed of influential policy makers aimed at tackling issues of governance of human activities on the high seas. It has funded by the Pew Foundation, the Adessium Foundation and Oceans 5. Furthermore, AD Rogers was WG Chair of the European Marine Board Position Paper 22, launched in September, 2015. Entitled Delving Deeper: critical challenges for 21st century deep-sea research , it brought together expert opinions from an interdisciplinary group of deep-sea stakeholders and has set out future recommendations in context of policy needs and societal challenges.

Modern trawlers photographed in Cape Town